School and student specific features to ensure your experience is smooth and easy.

UniPlus is a mobile solution, developed to exploit mobile technology in creating a collaborative platform for students, faculty, and visitors who interact with the University community.

Smart phones are very popular and survey has shown that access to the internet via the mobile device has taken a quantum leap compared to the conventional Desktop or Laptop. Exploiting these technology change, automatically gives an edge in creating value to the university community.

There are now more than 100 universities and nearly 50 colleges that have a mobile app in the Apple store, and this trend will continue to rise. Universities and colleges have identified a number of key areas where direct communication with the student through their mobile handset can assist them in putting information at their fingertips quickly and efficiently.

UniPlus is an app developed to enable interaction within the University community. Its unique features are designed to cater for the daily needs of students. It also provides a platform for the University Community and the general public to keep track of the University activities.



This feature provides the latest news about the University community and the world at large on the go. The news section will contain University News, Faculty News, Sports and Entertainment news, National and International news, Alumni News.


Help users keep track of a wide range of campus and alumni activities. Events could be browsed by name, subject and date.

Campus Tour

Students and visitors can easily find their exact location, search for a building and pinpoint its address all with a mere tap of the finger with our campus tour feature. They can also decide to take a tour of the university community using this feature.


This feature provides access to relevant links, Career advice, financial aids and other unique resources offered by the university.


This section enable students buy and sell easily in the timeliest manner. Students can have easy access to all products sold in the various school shops. They can also recharge their phones using this medium.

Building Services

The university facility management should be a collective responsibility of both the management and students. This feature creates a reporting platform where student could report damages or abnormalities to the university authority. Pictures can also be taken and sent using the app.


Provide total access to relevant contacts and the school public directory, allowing you to call, SMS and e-mail virtually anyone campus-wide and add them directly to your phone's address book. It also contains emergency contacts.

Student Services

This provides students with relevant information as regards their studies and campus life. It also provides a platform for an effective feedback system. With this service, students can check their time table, get information regarding course/faculty, check their results, and much more!


This feature creates a platform for the university administration to provide important information to users. Alerts could be University, faculty, course, security or health specific.


This feature allows students ask questions and engage in intellectual discussions.


This section educates/inform students, staffs and visitors about the School library, location, opening hours and more. Students could also check for availability of books, ask the librarian questions and perform other library activities.