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UniPlus is an app developed to enable interaction within the University community.

Its unique features are designed to cater for the daily needs of students. It also provides a platform for the University Community and the general public to keep track of the University activities.

Smart phones are very popular and survey has shown that access to the internet via the mobile device has taken a quantum leap compared to the conventional Desktop or Laptop. Exploiting these technology change, automatically gives an edge in creating value to the university community.

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Our execution methods are client focused. The entire process of getting the UniPlus app up and running in your institution is to us a function of your institution's capability and pace.


We ensure a full integration of the UniPlus functionalities into your institution's system by providing administrative backend privileges to selected key individuals within the campus thereby enabling campus specific information management.

24-7 Support

After all said and done, we still do not leave you without support or help. We provide campus standby technical personnel to support your use of UniPlus. We just want to make sure our solution is worth your while.

Prestige Mobilization

In setting up UniPlus in your institution, we source and incorporate campus specific information. We also encourage institution selection of features relevant to them.